Smilk interview!

Smilk is a relatively new artist from Melbourne, Australia who is making big waves in Australia and worldwide. Find out more about him below…

When did you start producing electronic music?

Around late 2011 was when I began writing electronic music, released my first Ep called refresh in 2012. Previous to that I’ve played drums since 8 years old. Getting lessons from an old fashioned swing & jazz drummer. Teaching me to play along to gene krupa records, I studied with him till about 13. I played in several bands in a variety of genres through my teens and enrolled in a music course and moved to Melbourne after leaving high school. I didn’t finish the course but it did expose me to DAW software and I’ve done electronic production ever since.

What music do you listen to that shapes the sound that you produce today?

I’ll try my best to list some of the people who inspire me and that I think really make heartfelt music in their own unique way. Maxi Basshead, Wasabi, Circuit Bent, Tipper, Funk Form, Timmus, Blue tech, Stimming, Hypnafractyl, Pspiralife, Tetrameth, Sensient, Perfect stranger, Rynasourus, Grouch, Talpa, Sun Control Species, Fourtet.

Whats in your current studio setup?

Currently I write and perform on a 2012 13’  Macbook pro. Using ableton live and my synths are all vst. I use the native Ableton stuff, a lot of u he, zebra, diva, Ubik effects, Serum and some Native Instruments gear. I have a rode Nt1 mic I do recordings with plus focal be6 twin monitors and a focusrite saffire14 sound card. Controller wise I use ableton push and a midi keyboard.

And live setup?

It’s undergoing another evolution currently. I have been using the push coupled with an allen&heath K2 controller. The new setup will involve a higher quality sound card and several channels into the mixer rather than mixing pre in-house mixer. I have some live synths and a drum rack I can play and effect live. I’m always tweaking the set up to try and make it a really involving experience.

What has been your favourite gig so far?

I’ve had a lot of special sets, i’d say Dragon Dreaming and Tanglewood this year were definitely standouts.

What do you love about working as a producer?

I love it – I feel like I was made do what I’m doing. Its my sense of purpose.

And what don’t you like?

Lapses in creative flow.

What are your future musical plans?

Working on a full length release currently… also plans for a Euro 2018 tour perhaps. and just to generally further my understanding and abilities of composition and production.

What is your story and background with Zenon Records?

Me and some friends were doing the renegade stage at Maitreya 2014 and Pspiralife saw me play there. He recommended me to Tim, we got in contact and the rest is history.

Finish this sentence…Zenon Records is:

A label originating from Australia focused on pushing forward contemporary psychedelic music.