Yonagual (FI)

Yonagual plays psychedelic progressive and techno. He likes to build his sets like a story, an engrossing journey true deep and groovy, dance floor friendly soundscapes, leading the listeners to a pleasant and hypnotic state of mind.

Joona aka. Yonagual, hailing from Finland, was introduced to proper electronic music for the first time in 2008 at a small underground psytrance party in Helsinki. He was totally enchanted about the profound experience he met at the dance floor. For the next few years he spent touring many parties and festivals, collecting the finest tunes that happened to cross his road.

In 2010 after playing his first Dj set Yonagual got some serious attention in the Finnish underground scene. Since that he’s been very active in playing in his home country and have had the privilege to perform in parties and festivals all around the world. In 2012 he signed to Zenon Records as a label dj.

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