Dharana Interview + Free Download!

Dharana was the first Brazilian producer signed to Zenon Records. With the Psytrance scene exploding there we thought we’d get his thoughts on the scene there and what drives him personally. Here are 10 questions with Dharana…

Why did you start producing electronic music?

Literally because of Tetrameth. When I’ve first listened his music in 2003 I got completely inspired by the message and energy shared thru his music. That was the call I was looking for at that time. I used to play Psytrance and felt good, but still missing a right purpose behind the music. Then I’ve listened Sun Control Species, Sensient and that’s it. I was sure that I wanted to spread a positive message throughout my music. I wanted to INSPIRE PEOPLE to do good things as he did to me. That’s why I called my project as DHARANA – Focus on something positive.

What music did you/do you listen to that shapes the sound that you produce today?

I truly believe that my inspirations nowadays are not much into the Electronic music. I try to bring the experience and flow from other genres to my own music production methods.That is  So, my main influences comes from TOOL, Zappa, NIN, Roy Hargrove, Mr Bill, Staunch, Sensient, Tetrameth, Klipsun, Sourone, Cosma, PPS Project, Triac.

Whats in your current studio setup?

MacBook Pro 2015, Dynaudio Bm5a MKII, Apogee Duet 2, Novation SL MK 2

And live setup?

MacBook Pro, Audio 2 DJ, Traktor X1 and Ableton Live.

What has been your favourite gig of 2016 so far?

It has been a dream playing in Universo Paralello since the very beginning and this year I’ve finally made it and was straight to the Mainfloor. The dancefloor where I’ve seen my greatest inspirations from all times and now I’d shared with them the same place. The feeling of spreading my music in that place, for that crowd will definitely remain on my mind. I was freaking nervous because I wanted to do the perfect set with perfect mixes so hahah was terrifying and blessing at the same time.

What do you love about working as a producer?

I reckon its time for people understand that producer does not only write layers of sounds or shape frequencies. THERE IS A MESSAGE IN IT. That’s what most of us are trying to spread around the world and that’s what I love the most. You are a weapon of mass connection! Using your skills to shape knowledge, deliver experiences, moments and emotions is what I love the most. We need to support more these kind of artists. IT’s not about triplets, it’s not about big drops only: its hours of work, devotion, love, energy and specially A MEANING. That is what at least I try to spread with my music. That’s why I love writing music so much!

And what don’t you like?

I really don’t like the idea of having to be extremely well connected in order to play your music if you are more “UNDERGROUND”. I don’t see much support in Brazil from many people if you do not bring enough audience by yourself. Look, I’m not saying I need to stay home and wait for promoters to contact me. But do I really need to record a movie of people going insane on the dancefloor after a break in order to see organizers thinking: Yea, I will book this guy, he makes the audience goes mad! No, I don’t think that is the right reasons. I see festivals and parties in EUROPE worried about bringing the BEST MUSICAL EXPERIENCE, PERIOD! Once they do it for the right reasons, the rest sorts it out.

What are your future musical plans?

I’m actually working on my second album for Zenon records, I have 7 tracks ready and the last one I’m waiting for the right moment to write. Music is all about inspiration, to me. Do not obligate yourself to sit on the studio if you are not feeling it. The best tracks we know always have some interesting story behind it. So this second album will be called “The Last Message”. I also want to work on new experiences within the Techno, I will try to bring some different texture and ideas, let’s see how it goes in a near future .

What is your story and background with Zenon Records?

Zenon changed my whole life. After I’ve listened for the first time in 2003, I started working on my own music in the same year, following Zenon’s path and had the opportunity to join Zenon only in 2010. So that means – NEVER GIVE UP ON SOMETHING YOU TRULLY BELIEVE. I had 3 main goals on my career: 1- Be able to deliver my message in the same level of the guys who inspired me, 2 – Release one album on Zenon Rec, 3 – Have the opportunity to write a track with Tetrameth and I think at least two of them I have accomplished haha. But Zenon is not only a label, it’s a channel, a connection between originality, creativity and freedom.

Finish this sentence…Zenon Records is:

A change of perspective, it’s the opportunity to explore your own mind.

Go and download the Dharana album “Singular State of Focus” here: