10 questions with Hypogeo…

Hypogeo needs no introduction. Truly one of the heavyweights of the Zenon sound and influence to many new artists around the world. Read on to see what makes him tick…

Why did you start producing electronic music?

Back in 2002 i was the lead guitar in a DeathMetal/Prog Band back in Italy and my friend Luca (who then became my partner in Coma Sector ) bought a couple of Korg Drummachines plus a virus indigo. I still remember the first time i tried to tweak a filter on one of those machines i had the feeling the electricity was running up into my veins. As i was a not too good with Guitar and also the band wasn’t going as expected i sold my Ibanez and my marshall speaker to buy my first synth, a Clavia Nord Modular G2. After that , lots of sweat and tears and many years of learning computer based electronic music production brought me here where i’ m now.

What music did you/do you listen to that shapes the sound that you produce today?

Well, i assume its pretty obvious that i’m a Metal Head, back in the days i was (and i’m still ) listening to a lot of Trash/death/black metal alongside lots of EBM/industrial and electronic bands such as Skinny Puppy, Ministry and so on… i always felt that , even if it was amazing, a “standard” combo made by guitars/drums/vocals wasn’t enough for me….I m a big fan also of the good old Synthpop/NewWave bands and everything in between and of course, Aphex Twin , what to say more 🙂

Whats in your current studio setup?

i can say that my studio is alive 🙂 i always liked to use Hardware for my productions , i buy,trade, try and sell as a daily basis electronic instruments, so the set up is (de)evolving everytime.

Now i just set up my new home studio in the near of Berlin, some  historical pieces are here , like my favourite “redhead” Clavia Nordmodular g2 , a weird multibrand Eurorack modular syntesizer, a DaveSmith instruments Pro2 , Focal solo 6 be Studio monitors and a fast IMAC computer loaded with some of the amazing plugins that our Computer era is offering us, such as SoundToys which are one of my all-time fav vst bundle . i also use good italian wine on the Ableton Channel strip 🙂

Ah yes, i just bought an incredible electroacoustic alien device called “Folktek Illuminist Garden” which i use now mostly for atmosphere and for processing trough it other synths…this machine was probably crafter in the deep far outer space, crazy metall-organic lush drones comes out from it….check the Folktek instruments they are amazing.

And live setup?

At the moment my live setup is quite simple and boring, Laptop, Rme fireface soundcard and org controller, but i’m now slowly re-editing some old glorious tracks plus the new ones and creating a more interacting set which i will propose hopefully this summer. For sure i will bring a little part of the modular to implement layers of sounds on top of it , probably just on big events, let’s see..

What has been your favourite lately?

No doubt that M.O.D.E.M. Festival in croatia was the most incredible Stage i had the pleasure to play in last year…. another memorable one was Yemaya Festival in Australia, crazy good production and a really awesome colourful crowd, like just Australia can offer.

What do you love about working as a producer?

Free Kebab at Party dinners!

And what don’t you like?

Sometimes the meat isn’t cooked like it should be, bad bad bad doner.

What are your future musical plans?

Well, actually writing this interview is stealing some of my precious time which i will use instead to write tracks for my long-awaited next full album, so let’s be quick 🙂

What is your story and background with Zenon Records?

I was totally fascinated by the early Zenon music i heard back in 2003/2004 , it was so fresh and inspiring. Albums like Pressure Optimal or Anti-Fluoro from the Boss SenSient got my attention back in that time. I was already in the Psy business with ComaSector but i wanted to do something on this line as i felt bored by the fast psytrance, i did 4 tracks back in 2010 which became my first EP . I have shivers just thinking on what happened since then, what a Journey !!

Finish this sentence…Zenon Records is:

…like “Parmigiano Reggiano” cheese, it’s simply awesome and it fits everywhere/everytime !!!