Millivolt Interview + Free Download!

Millivolt is one of our newer artists, but is rising quickly in the scene. His brand of power Zenon progressive is popular with promoters and audio freaks alike. Here are 10 questions with Millivolt…

Why did you start producing electronic music?

When I started producing music in 2004 I was a DJ for 3 years already. I just wanted to create my own soundscapes and I was fascinated by the endless possibilities you got to express your creativity. Actually these are the same reasons why I’m still having endless fun in producing music.

What music did you/do you listen to that shapes the sound that you produce today?

Inspiration is everywhere: science, philosophy, books, mother earth, astronomy, physics, cinema. My music taste is wide ranged from blues, folk, funk, world music, alternative, reggae, metal to glitch hop and electro house. If you are open minded in music genres your creativity gets stimulated from all sides. Apart from that I also get inspiration from all the techno music I do not like. This omnipresent “same old story“ prog trance really pushes me forward to create something new, something different.

Whats in your current studio setup?

A super fast DAW, Cubase 5 with VST, Nordwave, Waldorf Rocket, Roland Gaia, MIDI Keyboard, MIDI Guitar, Dynaudio BM12A monitoring

And live setup?

Macbook, Ableton Live, AKAI APC40 MKII and maybe soon a KORG Kaoss pad.

What has been your favourite gig of 2016 so far?

Boom Festival 2016 was off the hook! I never had such an adrenaline rush on stage before. Although there has been a short power cut during my set, I was energised for 90 minutes, haha…

What do you love about working as a producer?

When I start with a new track I have no idea where the journey ends, I really love that feeling. Furthermore it gives me a deep, satisfying state of mind. I can focus my attention in creating something straight out my mind. To see something growing is so delightful and gives you inner peace, its pure creation. And then there are those divine moments when you create a cool beat, you just have to stand up from your chair and yell out of the window 🙂

And what don’t you like?

Hard to say…maybe to catch the right moment to say “yep this tune is finished now“. And all the endless mixing work, it’s a struggle sometimes.

What are your future musical plans?

I’m currently working on new tracks for Zenon Records. I’m not sure yet if it will end up in a Millivolt album or an EP. Time will tell. I also like to reanimate my “Triple Agent“ project. But as I have a full time job, a girlfriend, a lot of friends and a house with a huge garden I probably have to clone myself first to get more time for all my music projects.

What is your story and background with Zenon Records?

It’s exactly 5 years now since I got signed to Zenon Records, back then as a Label DJ. And I am more than thankful to be a part of this amazing pool of creative heads. I’m into psytrance since 1997 and started DJing in 2001. I loved the first Progressive Trance wave with XV Kilist, Intact Instinct, Frogacult, Double Dragon, Magnetrixx and Bitmonx. However around 2004 I really got bored of the trance scene. Too much repetitive patterns in music and a lack of originality probably moved me to breakbeats where I found a new musical home. At this time I started to produce Psychedelic Tech-Funk with my former project “Triple Agent” and launched my own Breaks and Tech-Funk Label “Logariddim Records” together with my long time amigo Pascal.

5 years later I discovered  Zenon Records, more precisely the 2nd Tetrameth album “The Eclectic Benevolence” and it blew my mind. This album was an eye opener and brought me back into the trance scene. Immediately I bought the entire Zenon back catalogue. I realized there is more behind the curtain… No doubt, I was hooked!  At the same time I started my Millivolt (DJ) project, focused on deep dark intelligent bassline music. One year later I sent a promo DJ mix to Tim Sensient and asked him if he would be interested to sign me on Zenon as a label DJ. I was more than surprised when he agreed. Shortly after that I started to produce my own trance music with my Millivolt project. That’s the story so far…

Finish this sentence…Zenon Records is:

If I were a monkey, nothing less than my favourite brand of banana 🙂

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