Ryanosaurus Interview + Free Download!

Ryan Whare aka Ryanosaurus is no stranger to most Zenon followers. After releasing his debut album “Yugen” in 2013 he quickly shot to prominence as one of the true heavyweights of the Zenon sound. Since then he has gone from strength to strength and is one of our most booked artists worldwide!

Here are 10 questions with Ryanosaurus…


Why did you start producing electronic music?

Basically because I’d been listening to it for years and loving it and was curious to how it was made. That led me to discover some shareware loop mixing software from a computer magazine (i can’t remember the name of it) and eventually stumbled across Ableton, which I liked. Music and technology have always been passions of mine, and electronic music is the latest expression of music evolved by technology. If I was born 60 years earlier maybe id be fascinated with the new fangled electric guitars and other instruments which spawned entire new genres.

What music did you/do you listen to that shapes the sound that you produce today?

A lot of different things. Growing up I heard a lot of jazz and orchestral music and heard plenty of pop up until a point. As a teenager I liked IDM, bigbeat/breaks, house, hiphop and in the mid 2000’s got into psytrance and eventually explored a lot more genres and styles, electronic or not. Keeping a lot of variety in listening and writing keeps me interested and inspired.

Whats in your current studio setup?

I have a mainly computer/software set up with a good monitoring rig. I have a fairly well treated room with an RME UCX, Focal Twins and a couple of racks worth of Eurorack modular gear. I have a selection of mics and some preamps and bits and pieces for recording, as well as some MIDI controllers.

I recently build a new PC which is pretty powerful and runs Ableton, NI Komplete, Serum, U-he synths and plugins, Fabfilter plugins, Izotope plugins and various other bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. When I first started writing I pirated a million plugins and tried many things, these days I pick and choose things to buy based on specific needs and get to know them well.


And live setup?

Live is my macbook running Ableton being controlled by some Midi controllers and an iPad. I have various effects, rhythm and synth/melody lines to play with.  After years of playing I discovered that I need to find a balance of new thing to do to keep me interested. I’ve toyed with stems and loop based sets for trance, but the last few years I’ve just kept that for my glitch/experiemental sets and focussed more on a ‘DJ’ style of playing for psytrance.

What has been your favourite gig of 2016 so far?

Hard to say, there are so many great festivals. But I think for this year it would be probably be between Boom in Portugal and Earth Frequency in Australia.


What do you love about working as a producer?

I guess put simply, I’m grateful to be be able to spend my life doing something I love. Apart from that, visiting new places and meeting new people is great as is being able to share my work with an audience. I also love the freedom I have to make my own choices in a self motivated career.

And what don’t you like?

The unstable lifestyle from touring can have a negative effect on relationships at home. The low and unsteady income has always been hard, but has been slowly getting easier.


What are your future musical plans?

Just to keep writing music for all my projects and get out some new releases for Ryanosarus, Electrocado and Conscious Comfort in the next year. Of course also continuing to tour around the world to support my self and my projects!

What is your story and background with Zenon Records?

My first knowing encounter with Zenon was buying a Shadow FX album from a JB Hifi bargain bin and not knowing what it was but loving the tunes. 5 or 6 years later just as his first album was being release, I took Pspiralife out to a local party to help a promoter friend, heard his tunes and was blown away. After that I made sure to explore all the Zenon artists properly and felt reinspired for trance after some years of it becoming stale to me. So I started writing some ‘prog’ tunes in 2012 for an album I wanted to release and sent them to Boss Tim (Sensient) who liked it and here we are.

Finish this sentence…Zenon Records is:

A collection of individuals inspiring each other and hopefully the rest of the world!


You can download Ryanosaurus’ latest Ep “Create Relate” for free here: https://zenonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/create-relate