Upcoming releases on Zenon!

Hello Zenon Heads!

Sensient coming at you from Zenon Labs. I want to update you all on what’s happening with us on the release front. It’s actually been a bit quiet lately for us in terms of releases, but this is quite natural during the northern hemisphere summer months when everyone is out and about for the summer festivals in Europe and of course the eclipse in the USA this year too. But be sure, we have lots of high quality music coming out in the next few months…

Sourone – “Binary Dualism” Ep

Kromagon – “Ravings of a Madman” album

Small Talk Vol. 11 (various artists)

V/A Bush Food 2

Airi – “Conscious Species” album

Kliment – album

Millivolt – album

Evil Oil Man – album

Sensitrope – album

V/A – Assimilated (compiled by Freedom Fighters)

plus a bit further ahead there is new full length coming from Hypogeo!!

Stay tuned and keep in touch with us if you have any questions or comments.

Peace…Tim (Sensient).