Ego T (SE)

Ego T is Tobias Engqvist, born and raised in the small town Västerås in the middle of Sweden. He´s been active as a dj since 1999 and is one of the most respected dark progressive djs in Sweden. Signed on Zenon records 2009. After being signed by Zenon and getting noticed by international promotors he has started shaking dancefloors around Europe as well. Festivals as Ozora, Freqs Of Nature, Psychedelic Circus, Transylvania Calling and Swedens only legal psy/progressive festival Genesis Festival. He is also the founder of party organizations as “Nexus Nimbus”, “The Wicked Crew” and also the club “Club Demented” in his former hometown with his very close friend Mikael Kalliomäki. Currently located in Stockholm and in full focus on a new project called “Spontandansens Främjande”, a organization created by a bunch of close friends with the same mental disorders, focusing on Progressive and Zenon-style events. Besides the interest in parties, music and grooving, Tobias is an audio engineer and got a diploma degree from SAE Institute.

You can be shure that this ego will give you a real journey into the deep world of Zenon records. Dance, trance and release the ego inside of you!

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