Fabio Leal (BR)

Fabio was the first brazilian invited to join our cast. He had been supporting and promoting the Zenon style of progressive for some time already, so the invitation helped him further advance the label in his country.

His dj set is composed of many unreleased and fresh material played with impeccable mixing techniques, over a complex equipment setup, which allows him to go deeper into his own interpretation of Zenon Records.

This led him to be recognized all over Brazil and get bookings for many relevant open air events, clubs and festivals. He has also been actively touring Europe, having invitations to play at some of the most respected gatherings such as Boom Festival, Freqs of Nature, Lost Theory and more.

At the moment he is also known for combining the creative potential of digital technologies with the warmth of analog circuits. His compilation “A Push Forward” has received many positive reviews and stands as his go-to music toolkit for any set.

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