Pyms (FR)

Grégoire Pye aka PYM’S, a French DJ from Paris, has always evolved in the world of sound and light as a technician. His music lover’s ear and passion for all kind of music, bring many influences in his Sets. Psygressive, Trance, Techno, House, Glitch, Drum&Bass, Funk, Reggae, Chillout, World music…Pym’s accords the music to the place, he is able to propose many kind adapted to the concept, timetable and party mood.

His Trance music can be characterized as trippy minimal psygressive techtrance, uniting the energy of underground and clubby dance floor. Pym’s has already played at many festivals and parties and shared lineups with big headliners from the psytrance scene. His action as free electron in the technical support allowed him to enter in association with several french famous organisations of underground events. He is an active member of “Atomes” , the first organisation which imported Zenon Records into France.

In 2010, after 15 years of mixing and activism in party realisation, he joined as a Zenon Records label dj.


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