Yonagual (FI)

Yonagual (Joona Hermansson, Finland) plays psychedelic progressive and techno. He likes to build his sets like a story, an engrossing journey through deep and groovy, dance floor friendly soundscapes, leading the listeners to a pleasant and hypnotic state of mind.

As a Zenon Records label Dj he has access to a lot of unreleased and fresh weapons, which to, using a complex tech setup, he brings his own twist. These multi channel techniques together with a drum machine, loops and effects brings more surprises and live elements into his curious sets.

Since 2010, after playing his first Dj set, he’s been very active in playing in his home country as well as in parties and festivals all around the world. He’s also busy in organizing parties in his home country, bringing together the Finnish tribe and number one names in the scene, for a proper stomp.

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