Brojanowski ́s musical way started when he was a teenager. He loved to listen to dancehall music from the late 70’s and early 80’s. Artists like Yellowman and Eek-a- Mouse were his stars. Those slow repetetive rhythms and beats drove him insane. When he got in touch with electronic music he wanted to experiment as well and started to dj with a friend who had some old vinyls. Back then he got his first sequencer program and started to work on sounds. Bit by bit he could refine his techniques, learn more about music and spread his horizon for new ideas.

Moving to Hamburg lead him to perform on some parties were he could play his own songs and his first live sets. His style back then was more minimalistic than it is today but still trippy. He got to release songs on some labels like Der Hut, Cirque du Minimaliste and Lethal Dose Recordings – mostly dark Minimial and Techno labels. It is hard to say what style excactly Brojanowski is playing. It always has been trippy and playful with a strong base and a wicked groove mixed up with abstract sounds. He likes to take people on a journey and surpirise with unconventional ideas, creating a universe of tones and melodies.

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