Kabi – Tersius from Wilderness, South Africa, whose story of a passion for music began with his childhood growing up outside Cape Town in a countrified hotel where the pub was called ‘Jou Ma se Likkewaan’, meaning ‘your mother’s iguana’. Here he was introduced to early psychedelic rock of the 60’s, but it was not long before he was inspired by his first outdoor trance party, Vortex, just outside Cape Town. Along with various intimate parties in the forest in his new home, the Garden Route, he started DJ’ng and exploring some basic production software. After school he traveled to UK where he was introduced to various deeper styles of trance and found a big interest in what has now been called forest trance. He heard something familiar in certain forest music, a kind of voice or presence, and this started his studies in the ancient worlds and plant medicines. In the mid to late 2000’s he discovered the Zenon sound and was inspired by Grouch and Sensient to the extent that it influenced his producing style (although forest at the time). He released his first forest track ‘Thundrafi’ 2010 under his name Tersius, and slowly but surely more music followed. He started exploring and producing other genres and styles such as minimal and progressive searching for another way to express himself… and found the Zenonesque style allowed him a lot of creative freedom – hence the Kabi project was born. In 2014 he toured Europe and played Kabi and Tersius sets at Lost Theory, Freqs of Nature and Momento Demento Festival. His Kabi project is aimed to be tribal, deep, groovy and in honouring of the “ bushman” people of Southern Africa with their trance dancing.

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