Klipsun is the alter ego of Lucas Bonatto Diaz, a Young producer from the South of Brazil. Klipsun comes from the latin word “ipsum”, which means “himself”, meaning that art is a way of expressing consciousness and human emotions. His music is not determined by a continuous and specific formula, but is simply the reflection of his life translated into the language of music.

Lucas started composing in 2010 and had his first release in 2015 by Zenon Records, he remixed “Tranquil Eyes” by Pspiralife. Now is releasing his first EP “Ambivalent Fields” by Zenon Records.

His musical influences pass through southern instrumental music, by Glitch / Sound Design, Techno, Progressive, Psytrance, among others. Thus defining a unique sound, intelligent, cinematic, futuristic and highly detailed. With long histories, sometimes emotive, giving way to moments of introspection, this music is ideal to be heard during the day.

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