Hi, I’m Krumelur, born in Stockholm, living in Berlin since many years. With an interest in music and music production from a very young age I’ve worked under many different names for a big chunk of the last 15 years or so. I started playing the drums in different band constellations and quickly moved on to electronic music when I discovered the excellent program Fasttrack 2 in the mid-nineties. These were the early days of computer based music production, with very limited functionality and quality, this is where I lay my foundation as a music producer. The Krumelur project was launched some time around -99, and since then I’ve made numerous releases on different labels – Zenon Records, Crotus Records, Horns & Hoofs Entertainment, Planet BEN records to mention a few – and toured the world, visiting places like Brazil, Australia, Costa Rica and the deepest parts of Siberia. I try to stay true to the original idea of keeping the music organic, quirky and different. I like to bring in many different sources of inspiration into my music, yet keep it bouncy and danceable.

Hope to see you on the dance floor out there!

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