Zeamoon is the progressive psytrance project of audio engineer Simon Neumann from Tübingen, in south Germany. As an active member of Zenon Records since 2011 his music is part of the international psytrance scene.

Simon Neumann constantly explores boundaries of psychedelic sound and creates music that brings the dance floor to heat.
His sound consists of deep crispy pumpin´ basslines, twisted, playful and intelligent arranged sonic adventures mixed with funky percussions and lead sounds, always aiming to get the dancer’s ass moving.

With his debut album „Vibrant Consciousness“ back in 2013 Zeamoon had an immense success that gave him the opportunity to travel all around the globe and play on the biggest festivals in the world. At the moment he’s diving deep into the sound lab to cook his second full length album „Attitude is Everything“ which will be released later this year. So be prepared for a big level up in the Zeamoon chapter.